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California Day Care Insurance  Day Care Insurance

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California Pre-School Insurance Get a Free Quote
  • Preschool and Daycare business require a specialized insurance policy. This specific type of business insurance provides the owner with a liability insurance policy that will protect their business from lawsuits that may occur. Many of our daycare and pre-school insurance policies come with predesigned coverage options.
California In-Home Daycare Insurance
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  • The in-home child care insurance program is specifically designed for those individuals caring for children in their homes. ... The typical homeowner's policy provides liability coverage for personal exposures only, which means your in-home child care business is excluded. Call us for a quote today!
California Montessouri School Insurance Get a Free Quote
  • A school insurance policy package should include liability, property, and boiler insurance. Schools with 100-300 students generally have up to $5 million dollars in liability insurance. This figure can vary with the size of the school and regional norms. Whatever the case, do not open your school without adequate coverage.
California Charter School Insurance Get a Free Quote
  • Schools and educational institutions are risks that require specialized insurance protection. From students participating in sports to the inherent dangers of running chemistry classes and taking students on field trips. There's a lot that private and charter schools need to manage and protect.